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"What is Full-Service Design?"
Answered in 3 Minutes

Full Service Design

At Making Spaces Interiors, we pride ourselves in providing an experience for each of our clients. You will be fully immersed in all of the fun and exciting parts of design while taking a back seat during the ordering, executing, delays, and laborious sourcing stage.

We have refined the Making Spaces Interiors process, outlined below, to allow you to enjoy the design process rather than being responsible for finding "painters near me." 

Making Spaces Interiors mission is to cultivate an experience for each client. It is nothing short of luxury to have the ability to decorate and design your dream space and it should always feel that way. I like to remind you that design, like any other art, takes time. The artist envelops themselves with inspirational items and lets their ideas morph and develop. I once heard a designer say, 'There are no design emergencies.' I remind you of that because designing your dream space takes time and patience. Remember to stop, look around, and enjoy this beautiful design journey we are beginning together."

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